Is World of Warcraft still Epic?

So I was on craigslist looking for something and came accross the games forum and saw a post where one person said they were bored and not impresed with WoW. The first reply is by someone named Edyenea who uses the work epic as part of the level 70 game play. It was that word that got me to reply…I just don’t see WoW as epic any more. Below I’ll quote first Edyenea and then my reply.

A lot of the game depends on finding the right race and class for your preferences, but the game truly opens up once you hit Lvl 70. Then you have raiding, major epic stuff, Arena battles and more.

Also, trade skills and trying to complete those new achievements add more spice to the game. Other fun stuff to do is world events like Winter Veil, Brewfest and more. The fact that you can only do them at certain time of the year makes them very cool.

I will say, more people who say they are bored are playing on the Alliance side. The Horde have a lot more flavor to everything.

Best advice I could give would be to figure out if it is the class or other factor that you are playing that is boring. You may prefer a different realm such as PvP or RPPvP. Give it a little more time and spend some time trying to get a character up to 70 that you enjoy.

Good Luck,

My reply:

I play wow. We have a great group that has played together for years and many still play wow. However there is nothing epic about wow anymore. Nothing outside the subscriber numbers anyhow. The game is totally nurfed and noobed up. Classes don’t have roles anymore because people have cried the game to into a level of mediocrity never before seen. WoW is the opposite of epic. A good PUG can complete the highest “end game” content and IMO that should never be possible. What’s epic about taking PvP out of the world and scheduling it in area teams? What’s epic about rampant PUGs? What’s epic about the biggest and best bad guys in the game only taking 25 or even 10 people to kill rather then 40 or more? What’s epic about there being no fight going on? What’s epic about dis-honour for killing someone standing next to a “faction/race” leader just because they give out a quest? If you wanted that quest you should have defended your city. What’s epic about a game with warcraft in the name and no warcraft in the game? What’s epic about server transfers for people that steal, cheat, or otherwise fail on one server and then move to another? Blizz was saying that by the time it came for aurthas to die it would take many large guilds working together to have a chance. Maybe even hundreds of players. That would have been epic.

Blizz/WoW did some very cool stuff and the expansion is new but it’s not different. It even starts out where the original game ended pre-bc. WoW is big but not epic. It could have been but isn’t and it’s easy to understand someone saying it’s boring.

Not singling out this other person but in general… is WoW still epic?

World of Warcraft Expansion WotLK Leaked Early

Well those of you looking forward to the next World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King may not need to look any farther then the local 7-Eleven. Here in Salt Lake I know of multiple people who have been able to score the expansion two days early. First off, since when does 7-Eleven even sell games? It’s new to me and it seems new to them as well. I doubt Blizzard will be too excited about it.

Why you ask? Well if nothing else it saves you the trouble of getting up at mid-night to be the first one online and leveling. If you find an extra let me know. Where did you score your expansion early?