Road to War – One time collection?

Where to get heads for the Road to War game. It seem you can only collect a head one time but I can’t seem to find new ones. For those that aren’t sure what I am talking about, there is a new game coming out next month on the 16yh. In an effort to spread the word about the game the creators of the game Warhammer Online have started a little bit of viral marketing where players pick one of two factions to play for. Either Chaos/Destruction or Order. Then you seek out on the internet for where you enemy has posted their heads to be collected. Once found a clicked on, gold is awarded and can then be used to further the goals of your faction. Any ideas on how to get the daily max everyday?

Road to War – Destruction forces dominate pre-release battles

As of a few hours ago there seems to be no safe place n earth for the forces or Order. I am of course talking out the ongoing viral marketing campaign going on in an effort to promote the highly anticipated release of Mythic Entertainment’s latest massive multi-player (MMO) game Warhammer Online. There are multiple mini games setup as way to earn gold that is then used by each faction towards the bigger picture of dominating to opposing force. Each og these gold earning mini games spread the word and excitement about the game in a way I’m finding amazing. Want an example…Get started by collecting the heads located at the links in the above news article.

Road to War – Warhammer head hunting for Order

The Road to War website is a viral marketing campaign of epic per portions! The closed beta test session for Warhammer – Age of Reckoning ended yesterday morning and many of those now left waiting for either the last phase of the beta starting Sept. 7th or the Actual retail release are being drawn to the Road to War website. For those playing, Here are some Destruction heads for our fellow Order players. Enjoy and happy Hunting!

The Daily Poll

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