Google App for iPhone – Hidden Bells and Whistles

So it seems not enough of us found the hidden easteregg like “Bells and Whistles” (I know no one that did) in Google’s iPhone app so they posted about it. I guess if I’d taken the trouble to build the fun in and no one found it after several months then I guess I post on it too.

unlocking the bells and whistles options is easy enough:

Open the  app on your iPhone and select the settings button. (Looks like a gear) Now scroll to the bottom where you see “About”. To get the new settings, continue to keep scrolling down until the Bells and Whistles button appears. That’s it. You’ll now have 4 new settings to play with. Theme, Sounds, Live Waveform, and Open Links in App. Theme lets you play with a color selector for a custom colored theme and Sounds adds Chicken or Monkey sounds. Live Waveform and Open Links in App I have not yet played with.

The most interesting thing on Google’s post is the hint at other features to be unlocked. Have you found any others?