Government is Offline and Life goes on

So much is new since my last post yet it has been so long that it all feels the same. I have often wanted to post on one topic or another but I haven’t…

The US government is “shutdown” due to politics over the debate of Obama Care but for us life goes on. I am admittedly a bit detached from the drama in DC but frankly I’m glad something is actually happening. In a way this means nothing is getting done as far as passing continued funding of our un-budgeted government but it’s at least a hint of a stand against the senseless spending that has been going on for years.

For the mundane and and comparatively inconsequential I’ll summarize some of life since my last published post. Some highlights in no particular order:

  • I’m riding my bikes less – Sad but True
  • Cancer is still around – This sucks
  • I’ve added scuba to my repertoire of loves
  • Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) passed into law
  • Obama Care doesn’t actually address health care “affordability” despite it’s name
  • Microsoft Windows 8 has released – I’m skipping it!
  • The iPhone 5 is released – I got one
  • I was a Scoutmaster – Loved it
  • I became a PADI Divemaster
  • I’ve become a tec diver – Tec Depp via PADI DSAT
  • I hiked King’s Peak for the first time since I was a boy
  • I’m now a Cave Diver- NSS/CDS Apprentice and than Full Cave
  • I’ve plunged into Salt Water Fish Tanks and Reefs
  • The iPhone 5c and 5s are released – I may get one
  • I am no longer a Scoutmaster – It’s the way it works for us mormons. Help here today and help there over there tomorrow
  • I am still coaching youth soccer for my kid’s teams both recreationally and competitively
  • The NSA was caught spying on us – Not news but still offensive
  • The term “Common Core” sounds so simple
  • I’m not liking much of what is in the “Common Core” agenda
  • The US Government is “shut down” – I’m partly glad something is happening DC
  • Personally I’ve yet to notice the government is offline and unfunded – Unfortunately that’s not universal for everyone
  • The US Government has NOT noticed it has been un-funded for years now – Unfortunately that seems universal

I should have made each of these should be a topic of several posts by now but they aren’t. perhaps I will…