Cisco ASDM Shortcut Broken ?

Are you searching for javaw.exe too? If you are on Windows 7 x64 then just modify the ASDM shortcut.

C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\javaw.exe …

Change the shortcut properties to look more like this…

C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\javaw.exe …

I need to start posting more of the quick little fixes for things like this but I never take the time. This is far from an all inclusive document on the topic but perhaps a short blurb like this rather then a big elaborate post will still help someone.

Cisco ASDM error with latest java update

Well it seems the current update to java (6 update 10) does not work with Cisco ASDM. After the update trying to connect to a Cisco ASA will give the following error: “Unconnected sockets not implemented”. CLI still works of course but if you use ASDM don’t upgrade past JRE 6 update 7. You can get older java versions here.

My config: Vista Ult x64 – JRE 6 u10 – Cisco ASDM 6.1(5) (most current ASDM as of now)

What I had to do to access ASDM after the java 6 update 10 “upgrade”.

1) Remove ASDM* (ASDM installer seems to look for java so this must be done before removing java)

2) Remove Java 6 update 10

(I rebooted here)

3) Install Java 6 update 7* (I ended up running both the 32bit and x64 installs. I think because ASDM is 32bit and didn’t see the 64bit Java install?)

4) Re-Install ASDM

*Note: It may not be required that your remove ASDM on a 32bit system or if you install the 32bit java 6 update 7 as ASDM may just see the new (older) java install. When I installed the 64bit java this is what I had to do.

Best of Luck and I hope this helps someone out.